Secure Email

End to End Encryption

Privacy is critical for your Internet Security

Internet Security is all about your information. Information security must meet three requirements:

  • Confidentiality: No one else can access your information
  • Integrity: You can be sure your information has not been altered
  • Availability: You can access your information without fail

Confidentiality and integrity are something which no free email service can offer, because they share and access your data. Topmail never shares your data. Topmail has no way of changing your data.

Privacy means you're in control

Privacy means that only you decide who has access to your information, and who does not. If you want to share information with someone it is by your authority. When you use a free email service, you delegate that authority to them. They have the right to share your data with other companies and individuals.

Topmail, in contrast, do nothing with your data. In fact, we don't have access to your data, because it's encrypted with a key that only you have access to.

Topmail are committed to returning your privacy to you.

How we Secure Your Email

Privacy and Security go hand in hand. Without security, privacy is automatically compromised and vice-versa. Therefore, Topmail adhere to the highest security standards protecting your email.

End-to-End Encryption

Messages are stored in encrypted format on our servers. Only you have access to the key that can decrypt them. When you send an encrypted message only the recipient has the key that allows them to read it. Likewise when you receive an encrypted message only you have the key to decrypt it. We use OpenPGP to protect your communications, one of the world’s most secure encryption protocols.

SSL/TLS secure communications

All connections to our systems are made over encrypted channels. This means that when you're viewing or downloading email, those communications themselves are encrypted. This protects your email meta-data and prevents snooping on your usage of our services. We always employ the latest encryption standards including TLS 1.2 and perfect forward secrecy.

Anti Spam & Anti Virus

Topmail has a custom built Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus infrastructure developed by a dedicated team of world leading experts in email management and email security systems.

Updated constantly and subject to 24 x 7 x 365 global monitoring and support, it provides a complete security blanket against incoming spam and viruses.


Topmail blocks most external spam based on its source. We consult blacklists and maintain our own data on sources of spam. That means most spam is rejected at the point of receipt. External, unencrypted emails are then analysed for spam content and compared against a database of known spam emails, which is constantly updated. All spam content analysis takes place in-memory and no content is stored on our scanning servers.


Phishing emails are targeted attempts to get email users to follow malicious links, where passwords and other confidential information can be stolen. Topmail uses some of the same anti-spam techniques to block phishing emails. We also apply a range of additional checks based on a proprietary knowledgebase specifically targeting current phishing attacks.


Our systems are designed to perform deep content scans on all unencrypted attachments, to ensure that no malicious files can get through and to ensure that every file is exactly what it says it is. As with spam analysis all such scanning is done in-memory without data ever being stored on our scanning servers.

Hassle-Free Setup: it takes 30 seconds

Setting up your private email account takes just a few steps and less than 1 minute.

We won't bill you for 45 days and we won't take your credit card details when you start your free trial. You can try out service completely anonymously, for free and cancel anytime. If you decide to stay with us, the cost is only $2.30 per month: less than the cost of one coffee per month.